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Cooking Herbs & Spices

We offer a large variety of premium gourmet dried herbs and spices that are selected and bottled to order. Because our gourmet herbs and spices are bottled to order, their freshness stands out in flavor, aroma and color. We continually seek out the highest quality product at a reasonable price. Our gourmet herbs and spices are ‘chef-quality’.

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Anise Seed
Price:  $3.65
Content Net Weight:  3.10 oz.
Shipping Weight:  0.60 lbs.

Quantity in Basket:  none

Anise Seed is great in cookies, breads and cakes. Try this seasoning spice in soups, stews, curries, fruit cobblers and pies. Also put seeds in the poaching water of fish and shellfish for a Mediterranean flair. The licorice like flavor of Anise gives a special flavor and texture to baked goods.

Nutmeg Ground
Price:  $3.90
Content Net Weight:  4.2 oz.
Shipping Weight:  0.60 lbs.

Quantity in Basket:  none

Nutmeg has a pungent aroma and sweet flavor. It is an ideal baking spice for making fruit pies, cookies, muffins, cakes and sweet breads. Nutmeg should be added toward the end of the cooking process because its flavor diminishes when heated. Used as a topping it is often sprinkled over puddings, eggnog, whipped cream and custards.

Cloves Ground
Price:  $5.25
Content Net Weight:  3.40 oz.
Shipping Weight:  0.60 lbs.

Quantity in Basket:  none

Whole cloves added to mulled wine, hot cider, spice tea, baked ham and chicken adds to, and brings out their flavor. Ground Cloves add a delicious flavor to desserts, bread pudding, cookies, rice pudding, spice cake, pumpkin pie, stewed cranberries as well as fruit dishes. Add whole cloves to bean, pea and other soups to enhance their flavor however, be sure to remove them before serving.

Mace Ground
Price:  $7.90
Content Net Weight:  3.30 oz.
Shipping Weight:  0.60 lbs.

Quantity in Basket:  none

Mace has a flavor and aroma similar to nutmeg, however slightly more pungent. Mace lends a fragrant, warm spiciness to many baked goods and can be used in puddings as well as fish and meat dishes. Sprinkle this seasoning spice on anything from chocolate, fruits and whipped cream.

Chinese Cinnamon
Price:  $3.95
Content Net Weight:  3.50 oz.
Shipping Weight:  0.60 lbs.

Quantity in Basket:  none

Chinese Cinnamon is also known as Cassia. Similar to true cinnamon, “Ceylon”, it is more pungent and has a less delicate flavor . Though this seasoning spice is not used widely in the United States, Cassia Cinnamon enhances the taste of vegetables, fruits and is used to mellow the tartness of apple pie.