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Gourmet Salts

We offer a large selection of gourmet salts that are perfect for the home chef or the cook who wants to add something new to the kitchen. We select only premium, natural salts and bottle them to order, guaranteeing you the highest quality.

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Hawaiian Pink Gourmet Sea Salt
Price:  $8.95
Content Net Weight:  7.90 oz.
Shipping Weight:  0.90 lbs.

Quantity in Basket:  none

Hawaiian pink Gourmet sea salt, known as alaea salt, is rich in minerals found in the waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands from which it gets its pinkish hue. Hawaiian Sea Salt’s flavor is a perfect match for roasting, grilling, soups, sauces, spicy foods and all types of meats.

Gourmet Sea Salt
Price:  $3.45
Content Net Weight:  9.00 oz.
Shipping Weight:  0.90 lbs.

Quantity in Basket:  none

Sea Salt contains less sodium and more trace elements than salt mined from the earth. Sea Salt is obtained by wind evaporation, naturally by the sun or artificially from water evaporation pans. Use in place of Rock Salt (Table Salt). Sea Salt is ideal used on the rim of mixed drinks.