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Chili 101


Chili 101


Dark Chili Powder

Mexican Oregano
Crushed Red Pepper

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Chili 101 

Dark Chili Powder: Our Dark Chili is a blend of chile powder, oregano, cumin, salt and garlic powder. Dark Chili is used in Southwestern and Mexican-type cooking. It’s the “anchor spice” in chili con carne, and is also used to season eggs, shellfish, cheese dishes, and stews. Try it  when grilling a variety of meats and use it to spice up pork and beans.

Mexican Oregano: Mexican Oregano has a stronger, more pungent flavor than Greek oregano and is used in commercial chili powders as well as in homemade chili and other Latin American fare. Its spicier flavor  can be used on eggs, pork, lamb or beef as well as used in sautéing  vegetables.

Crushed Red Pepper: Red Pepper can be used in any dish where you would like a chile, peppery burst of flavor. Red Pepper can be added with onion, cheese, and bacon to beaten eggs for scrambled eggs or omelet. Try adding red pepper to barbecue steak sauce. Use it to marinate or baste steaks.

Cumin: Cumin is a versatile spice; it can be added to bean soups and vegetable stews. Added to cooking rice or couscous, cumin imparts a warm flavor and aroma. It makes a wonderful dip when mixed with mayonnaise. Used mostly in Indian and Mexican style dishes, it can also be used in breads and some sweet baked goods.