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Urban Herbs is a spices company created by chefs, for chefs. We are here for those looking for a large selection of high quality cooking spices, dried beans, gourmet rices and grains--all your kitchen pantry staples.

Herb 101


Herb 101


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Herb 101

Quality counts, especially when it comes to cooking! Our herbs are the finest available and do make a difference in the flavor of your finished meal. Try them alone of mix them together to make your favorite herb blend, you will notice the difference!

Marjoram: Marjoram is similar to oregano however with a more delicate flavor. Use marjoram as a seasoning for tomato-based sauces, olive oil and vinegar salad dressings. With its mellow taste and fragrance, marjoram is compatible with a wide variety of foods. Use in lamb dishes, as well as beef and veal. Try it in soups or stews. 

Greek Oregano: Greek oregano is most commonly used in pizza and tomato sauces. It is also a great addition to beef, lamb and pork dishes. Drizzle it over grilled fish and poultry, use in salad dressings, in a sauce with melted butter and lemon juice as well as an addition to ground meat. It is great in herb breads, broiled vegetables and stews.

Thyme: Thyme has a subtle aroma and a slight mint flavor. Thyme blends well with other seasonings: marjoram, basil, oregano, sage, or rosemary. Seasoning blended with thyme goes well with poultry and stuffing and also can be used in fish sauces, chowders, and soups. Rub minced garlic and thyme over beef, pork, and lamb roasts. 

Basil: Basil has a sweet, herbal bouquet. Widely used in Italian cuisine it is often paired with tomatoes. The herb complements meat, vegetables, cheese, and egg dishes as well as salad dressings, cold pasta salads, grilled fish and roasted chicken. Try it in your next marinara sauce and you will see how our basil stands out above all others.