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Salt 201


Salt 201


Fleur de Sel
Redmond Real Salt, Mill Grind
Hawaiian Pink Sea Salt
Sea Salt, Mill Grind



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Salt 201

Those salts used in the finer restaurants are now available for you to use at home. These exotic and flavorful salts will add that finishing touch to put your next meal over the top!

Fleur de Sel: Translated from French as “flower of the salt”, Fleur De Sel is often regarded as the world’s finest salt. It is hand gathered off of the surface of salt ponds as opposed to being mined from the ground. The unique crystals of differing sizes and shapes make it an attractive topping for any dish. 

RealSalt: RealSalt is an all-natural, kosher-certified sea salt extracted from deep within the earth. RealSalt’s unique flecks of color are the result of more than 50 natural trace minerals essential to human health (including natural iodine!).

Sea Salt: Sea Salt is obtained either by wind evaporation, naturally by the sun or artificially from water evaporation pans. Sea Salt is a perfect alternative for everyday Iodized salt.