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Store Location

Established in 1840, the West Side Market is Cleveland’s oldest publicly owned market having been established on a tract of land on the corner of Lorain and Pearl (W. 25th) streets.

In 1912 a yellow-brick building was dedicated with an interior concourse housing room for 100 individual fresh food vendor stands, a large clock tower and an outdoor arcade with 85 farmer’s produce booths.

It is here at the Westside Market that Urban Herbs has established itself as premier provider of the finest Cooking Herbs and Spices to the Cleveland area and beyond.

Our restaurant-quality gourmet herbs and cooking spices are now available to you for home use or as a gift for you friends, family, clients or anyone who "cares and shares".

Our products are targeted toward the discerning cook or for anyone who wants to expand their culinary experience with a wide variety of basic, as well as some of the more exotic Herbs and Spices to allow you to explore different cooking disciplines and applications.