Urban Herbs

Mind Your Pantry!

Urban Herbs is a spices company created by chefs, for chefs. We are here for those looking for a large selection of high quality cooking spices, dried beans, gourmet rices and grains--all your kitchen pantry staples.


About Urban Herbs

The staff at Urban Herbs spice company continually explores the globe for new cooking spices and culinary trends. Their research and passions have brought new riches to top chefs, caterers, and white table cloth restaurants. Urban Herbs spices offer you the intensity of colors, flavors and sun-drenched freshness to take your meals to the next level. 

Owner Dion Tsevdos is a Culinary Institute of America graduate with years of kitchen experience develops custom spice blends for his culinary clientele. His blends and spices are now available for home use. Try his Steak Seasoning, Italian Seasoning or Chinese Five Spice for new taste sensations. 

Family and friends will appreciate your efforts to provide the freshest flavors of the highest quality. Quality is prized above all and quality is found in every package from Urban Herbs.

Our restaurant-quality Herbs and Spices are available to you for home use or as a gift for you friends, family, clients or anyone who "cares and shares".

Our cooking spices and seasonings are targeted toward the discerning cook or for anyone who wants to expand their culinary experience with a wide variety of basic, as well as some of the more exotic Herbs and Spices to allow you to explore different cooking disciplines and applications.